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Canada Goose Women’s Trillium Parka
Arctic-Tech (85% polyester| 15% cotton)
natural coyote fur (fur origin: Canada)
Front-zip parka featuring removable coyote fur-trimmed hood, flap pockets at front, and welted Napoleon pockets at chest
625-fill power white duck down insulation
Interior waist-cinching straps
This is my favorite coat.
Now that I have it, I can’t live without it.
It does everything they claim it does.
Even in frigid weather, I am warm.
It feels lightweight and is so beautiful, I get compliments everywhere I go.
A stylish modern take on our classic Ladies Trillium Parka with a fashionable, high sheen Poly/Nylon sheen

canada goose factory sale It was expensive but I wore my last down coat for over 30 years and I know that I will wear this just as long.
I only wish that I bought it sooner!!!!

I love this coat it is warm and not puffy like other down coats. I have received many compliments every time I wear it. Yes, the coat is worth every penny I also have a shorter Canada goose coat love them both!

canada goose jacket mens It must be a return from a previous buyer — it smells perfume and has signs of wearing on the cuffs. And there is a dry clean slip attached to the label… It’s good coat though…

I returned this coat because it was way too tight. Now that I’ve lost weight, I wish that I would have kept it. Price has gone up $95 and they no longer make this color.

canada goose black friday I bought this coat after an LL Bean and a Patagonia wasn’t warm enough for the winter here in Northern Europe. This coat is amazing. The only thing to keep in mind is that it’s not really comfortable, for me at least, above 15F because it’s just too hot. But luckily I have the other, inferior coats for those temperatures! I love the way the coyote fur ruff can be tunneled forward to create a little warm pocket of breathable air in front of your face. I can stay warm for hours in this coat in temps as low as -20F. It is an investment, but it’s worth if you know you’ll use it over the long haul.

canada goose clearance True to size, stylish and very warm. Not penetrable to nasty NYC winds. The hood stays on and protects from the wind, rain, and snow. I can spend a few hours outside walking my dog in the middle of the winter without getting cold. The pockets are extremely comfortable and in the best and most comfortable location. The lining of the pockets keeps hands very warm. The fur can be taken off the hood if needed! I wish I had enough space in my closet to get this coat in white!

canada goose on sale I live in northern Ontario and need a warm coat. I own the C.G. Kensington which doesn’t keep my legs warm and is quite a tight fitting. The same size in the Mystique gives me more room and is more comfortable to wear. I would have preferred to buy the coat in Canada (where it is made), but I could not find the red in my size anywhere! I was a bit nervous about purchasing from Amazon as they are not listed on Canada Goose’s website as an authorized seller and I had read a lot about counterfeit coats. So I carefully checked the coat when I received it, and it’s the real thing. The zipper is indeed black as shown in Amazon’s picture…if you go to C.G’s website, then you’ll see the red coat with a red zipper. The coat was delivered to my door in three days from Amazon.com….terrific service as always! I still don’t’ know why duty was included in the price…free trade should have eliminated any duty as the coat is made in Toronto, Ontario. So the coat ended up costing more than it would have in Canada because of the duty.

* VERY WARM. This jacket has transformed my experience of winter. I basically don’t get cold anymore, especially if I wear this coat with additional layers underneath.
* Snug fitting, warm collar, and hood
* Sleeves have a long, snug cuff which keeps the wind from entering the sleeves
* The hood has a brim which, when folded forward, keeps falling snow out of your face.
* The two exterior pockets are lined with fleece

* There is only ONE PAIR of exterior pockets. (Try finding a heavy-duty men’s coat with only ONE PAIR of pockets!) And they are placed too high. I have to keep my elbows at less than 90 degrees to put my hands in the pockets, which gets uncomfortable after a while.
* The fur is real. 🙁 Fortunately, it can be removed.
* The hood keeps coming unzipped from the jacket. I had to add a closure at the end of the zipper to keep it attached.
* If you fold back the brim of the hood, it sticks out at the corners and makes you look like a nun.
Shipped out of china….enough said….buyer beware of look-alike products

canada goose outlet The product received was obviously a fake one. I’m in process of returning it and realized return address is China. DO NOT buy this product! Absolutely frustrating experience.

I’ve had nothing but trouble with my Mystiques. Don’t get me wrong: I give the warmth 5 stars. But the quality? 1 star, maybe 0.

canada goose coat My first Mystique started dry-rotting after 1 season: the seams were fading and sprouting microholes. Canada Goose replaced the coat. Right out of the box, the replacement coat’s zipper got stuck. Canada Goose fixed the zipper. Not a few months later, the seams started–you guessed it–dry-rotting. Plus the cuffs were pilling. (Mind you, I don’t abuse my coats!)

This time, however, Canada Goose chose to repair vs replace. Well, you really can’t repair dry-rot, so the coat still looks like crap. Plus, they didn’t even touch the pilled cuffs. (How hard would it have been to replace them?)

So let me get this straight: a very pricey coat looks like junk after a few months and a repair. My non-CG coats never ever looked this bad–not even after a decade.

If it helps any, I’m 5′ 5.5″, 114#, with broad shoulders. Got the S to fit my shoulders, but the coat is wide from the hips down. If my shoulders were a normal width, I’d have gotten the XS.

canada goose jacket sale And if I’d known how poor the quality is, I’d have gotten another brand!
I debated between the Kensington and this model but finally decided to buy this coat because it is one of the few down coats that are really long. The Kensington has a better fit but only goes to the knees and I couldn’t justify spending that much on a jacket when there are many others on the market that are the same length and warmth. I’m happy with my decision as I’ve found the jacket to be warm enough for walking around in the MN winters so far. The jacket is water resistant and seems to be wind resistant as I’ve not felt the wind go through it. I like the fact that I don’t really have to wear long underwear underneath it if I want to walk outside. The jacket is a bit heavy. At 5’3″ and 130 lbs I bought the medium which fits fine with a sweater except the sleeves are a little long. My husband says the jacket makes me look like a caterpillar but I’m hard-pressed to find one this long that doesn’t. It does go in at the waist to give a bit of shape. Overall I’m happy with the product.

canada goose jacket womens My coat, which I ordered directly from the Canada Goose website, is super warm. The fabric is heavy and wind-resistant, which I think helps a lot. Pockets are on the high side, at mid-torso. I’ve so far worn this coat in 30s weather, and not felt the cold, but I did have a cashmere sweater, and pants on underneath. Last week, I wore the coat on a brisk walk in the low 40s and felt hot.

I am 5’3″ and 125 lbs, and the small fit me perfectly. I will report back if the weather gets colder this winter, as to whether this coat holds up in the teens with the wind chill…

canada goose outlet store UPDATE February 16, 2016. It’s gotten down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit this winter, and the coat has held up pretty well. I’ve upgraded from 4 to 5 stars. The wind resistance is great – I didn’t feel any windchill get through. The town has also held up very well, and has not become flattened or dropped down to the bottom – so, even though it didn’t feel that warm in 40F temps, it remained about the same in 10F temps, making it pretty cozy.

This item was a cheap knock-off fake. The fur is not real/or not processed correctly so it sheds all over the coat. The down is not stitched incorrectly which makes it obvious that it is not a genuine article. Also, this item was delivered 3 weeks late. Returned as soon as it was received

I haven’t experienced a “real” winter in years! With our most recent move, it was important for me to stay warm.

This coat is warm; and ironically, it’s not as heavy as I thought it would be! It arrived in a timely fashion and have been on my body since I opened the box. This was a great buy for me!

canada goose factory sale Oh this coat is SO WARM! I purchased mine at Nordstrom but thought I would leave a review here too. I live in Colorado and just came in from shoveling in 10 degree weather. I had on a camisole underneath and did not feel a thing. After 35 minutes of shoveling I am sweating. That’s how warm this coat is. I did not feel any wind, snow, cold, nothing. With my wool coat I still had to wear a turtleneck and a scarf and I was still cold. It’s as if the Mystique gets warmer as I go along. It insulates and keeps in my body warmth. The hood is the exact same and the zipper goes so high it covers my mouth and nose. The adjustable hood is awesome. No snow or cold gets in but I can still see out. The coyote fur does not freeze. Mine got wet and dried in 15 minutes. I am 5’7, size 16, 40-D, and the XL is slightly snug. If I lose 10 pounds it will be perfect. This coat is the truth. I can’t see wearing it in anything over 45 degrees; at least not zipped up.

canada goose black friday My fiance and I moved recently and I was terrified at the idea of my first winter in the midwest. I’m a Southern Californian born and raised, so I’d never been through a ‘real’ winter. I found this coat and I couldn’t be happier. I love walking into work when it’s below zero and being the only one that doesn’t complain about the cold. I don’t bother wearing anything other than a long sleeve shirt, and maybe a sweater. People said my first winter here would be harsh, but I’ve hardly noticed so far. And we’ve reached temps with windchill down near -20 here. I LOVE THIS COAT!

I’m quite petite (5’2″ and 100lbs) so I was worried that I would look like I was wearing a giant sleeping bag, but for what it is, the coat is quite flattering. I got the XXS and it fits almost perfectly. I was also not sure that the hood would be great since it didn’t seem to have a way of securing it. There is a wire in the fur ruff that you can bend to keep it up. While the town is only 625, it’s clearly better quality than many of the 750/800 fill power down jackets I’ve tried on.

canada goose clearance The best and warmest jacket ever. It’s also terrific at blocking the brutal Chicago wind. I was skeptical about the high cost of this jacket, but now understand why my Canadian colleagues love Canada Goose. I only wore a light sweater with jeans underneath on a 5-degree day while waiting for the train. My legs were well blocked from the wind gust and I was snug as a bug inside this long jacket. I’m 5’4 petite with athletic 140b frame and 36B chest. My normal size is 8. I ordered the medium which was slightly roomy so I feel the sizing is true. I Love it!

I love this coat! I bought it for the cold Toronto subway trips and then I moved to Anchorage, AK. Although this season has been (apparently) very mild, I still pull out this jacket in temperatures that are in the 20s.
Here’s my breakdown:
-So comfortable! I feel like I’m wrapped up in my down duvet and actually want to lay down and take a nap in the middle of the street while I’m wearing this.
-Very warm! I don’t need to bother with base layers while I’m wearing this. It blocks the wind and cold
-The length works! I’m 5’11” and it still reaches to mid-calf on me.
-The jacket has the double zip feature which is great for getting in and out of the car, ice skating, power walking etc.

-If you have a small frame consider buying a size down from what you usually wear for a more flattering fit.
Due to the above, I find the jacket puckers a little around my midsection and makes me look like I’m pregnant (which isn’t cool if since I’m single and definitely on the market).

Overall its worth the price. I’ve owned many down jackets and this has enough quality details to make it worth it. 🙂
canada goose outlet Love the length, the extendable cuffs on the sleeves, good water resistance. But NOT worth the cost. Is not as warm as it should be, should have a higher down fill for the cost. And the pockets are weird. Too high up. Also, it runs big. Is totally like wearing a sleeping bag. But a semi-warm one…I have other brands that are shorter, but nicer and warmer, and if not cheaper, then at least they were worth the cost. Really just wanted the length.

Petite build.. 5’1 and the length of the coat is perfect. Cold weather hasn’t arrived yet, but I know it is going to be perfect for what’s to come in the months ahead. Highly recommend

It was not as warm as I expected it to be yet it was early winter with temps in the 30’s and it’s supposed to be for arctic temperatures. I was disappointed because of the rave reviews it had that made me buy it.

Fantastic Coat. Well-made and much warmer and heavier than other down coats I’ve owned. The coat has a nice silhouette. It is expensive but worth the money. This coat should last me years. The quality of this coat far exceeds products from Lands End, North Face etc. I’ve wanted this coat for two years. Wished I purchased it sooner.

canada goose coat Hi, I’m opting for this parka, but can’t decide which size to choose.
I am 5’8″, 137lb, and usually wear a size 6, or a medium. I wouldn’t want the jacket to be too snug as to limit movement, but wouldn’t want it to look too roomy either. If you have any comments to help out, please do!
Quality is nice, a bit overpriced but its made in Canada so that makes sense. My only problem is why they choose to put a coyote fur collar on this jacket, which is purely aesthetic. I can get over the geese that had their feathers plucked out to fill this jacket because it keeps me warm but the fur collar might as well be the fur from your golden retriever. You are wearing a dog fur collar. Think about if you want dog fur surrounding your face. Why not just skip the fur Canada Goose? I’m returning the coat, it makes me feel uncomfortable knowing that coyotes were slaughtered for their fur to make this jacket.

I spent a lot of time researching warm coats. I actually have a long Moncler which cost me $1500. I live in NYC which is not that cold, but have a dog that goes to a dog run for an hour + a day, and get cold standing like a wind sock at the dog park. I also got worried every time a got jumped on me with its nails and muddy paws it would do irreparable damage to the expensive Moncler. I figure with the Canadian Goose, I will just wipe down the rougher fabric should one of the dogs decide to give me some muddy love.

canada goose clearance Another problem with my Moncler coat is that mine is the smallest– size 0 and fits nicely up top, but bells out from the chest down. The Moncler does not keep my lower half warm because the bottom is too “bell-like.” Being a Canadian and former military, I can tell you that if you are keeping warm with feathers, you have to be making contact with those feathers in order for the garment to provide warmth and be effective. What I like about the Whistler is that it is a “slim” fit and if it is too tight, just unzip the 2-way zipper at the bottom of the coat.

canada goose coat
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canada goose jacket womens

Sizing: I am 5’4″ 110 lbs; small waist (25″); larger chest (34″) and fairly long arms. I first tried this coat (x-small) on when it arrived wearing my thin pajamas. I almost thought I should have gone xx-small, but when I put my jeans and a thin sweater, was glad I did not get the xx-small. Again, you don’t want to bulk up too much or you will not be making contact with the feathers. The waist belt is great as well. It really is slimming because you can accentuate your waist and not end up looking like a blob figure. There are several pockets-2 inside and 2 outside. I like that the pockets all lie flush with the jacket as I wanted a slim look.

canada goose clearance
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I haven’t tried this in the cold yet, but will in the next few days. Overall I am very pleased. Its made in Canada and you can immediately tell by the stitching, zippers and line this is a very high-quality coat–As high quality as the Moncler and surprisingly not too heavy.
Worst quality ever!!! For this money, I could have bought 2 or 3 other coats of much better quality. The Zipp has never ever functioned well – every time I have to spend a minute or two closing it since it is stopped with the canvas every time. Unfortunately, it was brought to me via my friends when the return guarantee was over…. This coat was warm really an only first month. Starting from the second months it began to allow winter rainwater (or just watery snow) come in (!!!) on shoulders, later on, the back as well. I had it on not every day, however. The firm label inside on the back destroyed some of my high-quality pullies because it has hard borders – I did have to eliminate it… By the end of the first winter season, the coat looked that badly (white-grey wearing markets over the black) as if it has been worn for no less than 5 years… The down and fears were coming out of coat constantly…. it was a hurdle to wear it with dark clothing! The fur is of really poor quality – small, miserably looking, hard and heavy, not really wearable, and made together of several waves of peace… I do not even know what could be a good thing about the stuff… Maybe only a social status of people wearing IT cause this mark is for some totally unclear reason is appreciated by others… By the way, if anybody likes to see what I am talking about – welcome, I still keep the coat as an evidence.

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Do not buy Canada Goose coats online anymore, you are taking a big chance with the quality. I have many Canada Goose from previous years and I used to be able to purchase without worry. The fur trim would always be of good quality, even if it does not look exactly like pictured – it is thick, full, fluffy and symmetrical. This was my third Canada Goose Whistler parka purchase (Amazon, Bloomingdale’s and Paragons), and all three times the fur looks terrible. It is patchy, thin and looks like something you skinned off of roadkill. When I emailed customer service at Canada Goose, it was explained to me that it is just the way it is – that every animal is different and that there is nothing they can do. Sorry, but for a $900 coat, that is not an acceptable answer. Thank GOODNESS that all three retailers have an amazing return policy so I was able to return it. Otherwise, I would have been stuck with a $900 poor quality coat. Especially when the quality of the coats were much better years ago before Bain Capital purchased the company and really started mass producing the parkas. For a company that explains how important the coyote fur is to keep your face warm, and then produces fur of that quality for sale. They will never get my business again. Thank goodness for great retailers, I am tired of spending nearly $900 to have to return thrice.

canada goose jacket mens
canada goose jacket mens
canada goose black friday

This is my third Canada Goose coat so I am clearly a fan of the brand. Being a cold-blooded Minnesota resident, I require a very warm coat during our cold winter weather. Canada Goose is the best I have come across. That, along with a lighter weight and a wonderful fur trimmed hood, makes the cold far easier to cope with.

I bought this coat for a trip to Norway in Jan. I had so many compliments. I was in weather that was -35f and the only thing cold was my nose. I travel a lot and on a recent trip to Canada women were admiring it and asking to try it on. This coat is not only an attention getter it is warm and stylish. Canada Goose Women’s Whistler Parka

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this parka is great: it’s warm, stylish, comfortable, comes true to size. It’s the best one for our cold winter in Russia.

my wife loves it and it keeps her warm here in the northeast, but damn these coats are super expensive!!!

Insanely expensive, but insanely warm (I live in Chicago, so when I say warm, I mean Chicago warm). It’s quite stylish so it allows me to be warm while looking good. I like that the fur can be removed.

True to size and very warm. The slim fit and belt give it a feminine silhouette. I love the way it fits, looks, etc. It is not bulky, heavy or frumpy, but it keeps me warm. You have room underneath to layer with a sweater and a scarf. Best coat I ever purchased. Worth every penny.

I was hesitant because of the cost and not being familiar with the brand. Also, I wanted a medium and black but all that was left was a large and military green. It fits great even though I’m typically a size 10 Misses and the color I am pleased with but the most important is how cozy and warm it is. The week I received the coat it was -20 F and the coat kept me comfortably warm. Also, the arm loops on the inside are very handy when I’m shopping, can sling it over my shoulder like a bag without having to carry it over my arm.

Ended up returning it and keeping an XL from a different site to layer but it’s beautiful, fits well, comfortable, warm, easy to walk in, just long enough that you don’t have to shuffle but that it will cover your bum when you sit down at a frozen bus stop.
If you’re thinking about it, do it. buy it. now. do it. now. do it.

Also, if you’re in the kind of weather that calls for this jacket, I suggest you take a look at Baffin boots. Cheap, excellently made, warm, comfy and not nearly as ugly as every other good snow/rain boot.
Good luck fellow cold facer.
Even warm at -38 degrees. It is the only arctic winter coat by Canada Goose that does not look bulky but nice and feminine.

Warm, with just a sweater beneath it in below Zero (F) temperatures, the Whistler is true to size, well manufactured, noticeably lighter and less bulky than The North Face/LL Bean made in china parkas and is built to last.
It is not “too much warmth” for temperatures below 40F and its length is terrific when wearing leggings, boots, stockings, skirts, etc, in cold temps, as it limits the winds’ impact. Irregular size fur strands protect the face naturally and can be pulled tighter, around the neck and face, in high winds.
The authentic coyote fur protects the face from cold and moisture better than anything faux that can be found.
Canada Goose gives a lifetime warranty which is low risk for them, given the quality of the manufacturing.
I am 5′ nothing, and 114 lbs and the Small is fine. I can wear little under it, or in extreme temperatures, can layer, While out walking, I zip down a bit, and control the temperature. The pockets are wonderfully warm. It is very costly, but more an investment in staying warm than anything else. After years of TNF and LLBean, my second year in CG has convinced me that this will hold up a lot longer than the others did in these tough Maine winters. HH
Caribou color = brown

X-small or XX-small readers this may help you. Much as the Canada Goose V Moncler review above, I’m 5’6″ 110# hips and bust at 35″ waist 24″. Ordered the x-small but would prefer the xx.

I ordered the X-Small and was delightfully surprised that the arms were long enough. I tried it on with my jeans and the regular shirt. I’m returning the x-small though as it still felt a bit big through the frame and I’d prefer navy (which was not available in xs when I ordered). It’s a heavy coat. I’m not sure I need this much coat in NYC. If I needed to spend time standing still outside: dog run, waiting for the train, duck blind, etc. I’d have more need for this much warmth and wouldn’t mind the bulk. I’m pretty sure it is overkill for me. It’s going back, but I still recommend it, especially if you need to be outside relatively stationary.
I LOVE this coat but it definitely fits slim. I am 5’6 120lbs with 33″ bust and needed a size small. Luckily I was able to return the small and get the last small. Love the internal backpack straps!

I love my coat. It fits comfortable and I’m a big girl. It was definitely worth the money spent on it.
Canada Goose rocks!
Excellent quality. Happy with the purchase. Size went perfectly. Very warm and classic park. Delivered on time. No violations.
I recommend this company (Canada Goose) to purchase
Another ill-fitting Canada goose coat…..
Too bad because it is SO WARM.
Shoulders too wide, hips too narrow.
I lift weights and have wide shoulders and narrow hips, yet these coats still don’t fit me.

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I cannot imagine what body type would fit into these coats! I could buy a medium so that the hip fit better and then the shoulders would be WAY too big.
Excellent fit. I tend to have problems getting coats with enough room in the shoulders and this one fits great (although it looks a little snugger than on the picture). The color in the picture is a bit off, it’s a livelier plum than shown. Very warm coat, and still has style. I get a lot of compliments on it. Worth the price if you’re out in the cold.

Everything is as I expected, the size and the fit in general. Usually I choose XS, but in this case, it would have been too small, S is preferable. I am 54 kilos, 82 cm chest and 90 cm hips. All the stitches are perfect, down doesn’t get out of its place. I haven’t got an opportunity yet to put it through its paces, but I am sure it will be warm and beautiful in wintertime because mine is as white as fresh snow. The only problems were with the delivery, the parcel came to Moscow very quickly in a week, but it has been getting through the customs in Moscow for almost 2 weeks. The expeditor was UPS, as I understood all the parcels which cost more than 200 Euro should be got through the customs, no extra fees, but a pile of documents and awfully long.

The park has an excellent quality. It’s very light. But it seems to me it’s not as warm as I’d expected. You feel hot when you move, but if you need to stay in place 15 minutes you feel a little bit cold. My fur coat is warmer. Never the less it’s a very nice coat. I like it very much. I recommend this coat.

unwashable. returned it. I want a coat I can wash especially one that is going to go through lots of use. Great idea on style, but too stiff for my taste. I need to move around comfortably and this jacket was too stiff. Made in Canada–which is great, not China.

Rcvd CG Whistler Parka in Navy, size M recently.

Color is not the one that I expected and as on the picture to my opinion as it is closer to black nevertheless, it looks good.
My boots are dark blue color and together with parka, it looks good.

The size M – fits me good. I am 170 cm height, 62 kilos,
as I am far from the US I had no chance to fit on other sites such as Small, but in any event M is good.
the only thing is that I suppose that Coyote Fur will be pulling out with the times.
And I did not have the chance to check this product for making me warm as we still have no winter with the snow, frosts and so forth.
A good quality down jacket women’s. Brand Canada Goose, the original – just great quality. It turned out there is a drawback.
Fabric in black, her hair is visible on the collar of fur coyote. Tissue often has to clean.
Overall score 4.
The coat is definitely warm, though I’ve not yet had the chance to test it in any sub 10° temperatures. My favorite part about it is the fit. It’s so sleek, more so than any other CG coat I’ve seen. I’m 5’8″, 110 lbs and the XXS is snug and hits right in the middle of my knees. Stylish and warm, what more could I ask? Get it, you won’t regret it.

Canada Goose is an amazing company. You really can’t go wrong with any of their products, they are truly the best on the market. I was between the Kensington and the Whistler but in the end, went with the Whistler. I am extremely happy with my decision because this parka is perfect! I live in Chicago and the weather is so unpredictable. Considering there are really only three months of warm weather in the city, that’s being generous, the other 9 months are pretty miserable. So far this coat has held up against the elements. I’ve worn it in freezing rain, snow, below zero temperatures and this parka keeps me warm, dry, and comfortable through it all. I am about 5’4 and 115 lbs. I bought a small and it fits great. It is a slimmer fit but there is still plenty of room to move and layer. I love that the Whistler has a buckle to give a more feminine shape. It does not make you look boxy. It falls right below the knee which I feel is a perfect length; not too short and not too long. If you are looking for a fashionable tech parka that will truly keep you warm and dry this is the one for you. You won’t be disappointed.

Instead of a $715 coat, we opened the box to find a cheap Elmo doll I would find too scary to give dog and not what we ordered. What is going on? Amazon has never let me down before. Need this coat for our only moon in winter Japan Alps